Consequences Of The Use Of Linear Amplifier
With Your CB Radio Equipment


The use of linear amplifiers AKA external radio frequency power amplifier with CB radio equipment are illegal by the FCC rules and regulation, or else you could get fined by the FCC, or get arrested by the local police or the feds depending on the seriousness of the offense.

   So if you would cause any interference with your neighbors electronic equipment, or interfere with any emergency communications, police communication, aviation or maritime communication, or any other communication of governmental operations, or interfere with churches electronic equipment; you could get arrested by the local police as well as getting busted by the FCC, or by other governmental agencies depending on the seriousness of the offense, and the local law or the feds could confiscate your CB radio equipment, and then the criminal court judge could set the terms that could prohibit you from using any CB radio equipment again that had caused the interference that had broken the law.

   Not only that, with high power linears in high kilowatt levels, there is a high risk of fires, RF burns that would cause biological damage, shock hazard, and electrocution; and most of those troubles are caused by faulty design of the linear amplifier unit, faulty design of the antenna system that connected to the linear amplifier unit, faulty electrical wiring that is connected to the linear amplifier unit, or the radio operator's mistakes.

   In order to avoid most of the legal troubles with the law, operate CB radio equipment legally, and don't use any illegal power like linear amplifiers with your CB radio equipment, or else you could end up getting put 10-7 (off the air) by the law. So if you can't operate your CB radio equipment legally, it's better to fine another hobby that you can do legally.


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