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Standing Wave Ratio (SWR or VSWR),
Reflected Power, And
Antenna Matching To Transmitter

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CB Antenna
Height And Range
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CB Channel Frequencies
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Ohm's Law
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About Wire Size
Homemade RF Dummy Loads
Take Extra Care Of Your Telescopic Antenna
Monopole Ground Plane
CB Antenna Set on the Ground
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About Those Transmission Lines
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The Shortest Known 27 MHz CB Antenna Ever Made
A Homemade 3 inch CB Antenna That's
For CB Walkie-Talkie Transceivers
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If you are sick and tire of your
incandescent S-meter back light going out,

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About Those GMRS / FRS Walkie-Talkies
True Effective Communication Range
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Avoid Using Those Old 23 Channel CB Radio Units
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About The Use Of External RF Power Amplifier
AKA Linear Amplifier And The Consequences
Of The Use Of Those Devices Illegally
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Other Criminal Activities Over
The CB Radio And The Consequences


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